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All three sizes are available with silk nipple covers, as well reusable silicone nipple covers. The product on this page is the F-H cup with reusable silicone nipple covers. The Bye Bra is a simple solution to quickly and effectively enhance the female breast without the need for surgery or even a bra!

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It is made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, with which it is possible to position the nipples upwards by several centimetres. It can also be used to make corrections? The patented unique 3M quality tape, which is used in hospitals, is, unlike some copycat products, entirely safe, and creates a perfect lift.

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The Bye Bra can lift the breasts simply and effectively. Better still, it is not only the breasts which are uplifted? Not only does it give you the confident feeling of a more attractive appearance; it also allows you to wear clothes which would otherwise be consigned to staying in the wardrobe. Bye Bra also solidifies breasts slightly. While they still remain free to move under the textiles, the Bye Bra will contain any wow body subtire natural movement of the breasts.

Silk nipple covers The Bye Bra provides silicone nipple covers as well silk nipple covers not the average online silicone nipple covers but high end reusable nipple covers! You wow body subtire ask why does Bye Bra offer both nipple covers?

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Every breast is different. Small nipples, big nipples, small areola, big arola, etcetera. The silk nipple covers are lighter, smaller 6cm and not reusable. The glue and material is for one time use.

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That makes them less visible in for example satin dresses where the larger silicone nipple cover might be more visible. Our silicone nipple covers are a bit larger 8cm and reusable. If you need nipple covers more often, we recommend you the Bye Bra with silicone wow body subtire covers or, if your nipple or areola is above average in size we also recommend the Bye Bra with the silicone nipple cover as it better covers the area of the areola and nipple and has more surface to attach wow body subtire the skin.

We can't say that the silicone nipple cover is better than the silk nipple cover or the other way around.

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We are sorry. If you wear Bye Bra it may happen like when you go topless that the nipples get stiff. As you are not wearing a bra, this effect can sometimes be socially inappropriate. Therefore you will find in each package, for free, very fine fabric "flowers", which can be placed over the nipple areola.

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Yes, and more! Bye Bra is tested in the sauna, and it holds perfectly. The manufacturer recommends twelve hours. We recommend eight hours.

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It is important to note, however, that the body temperature leads to the adhesive stickers drying out, and ultimately, the longer you wear it the stronger it becomes attached. Its removal could then be associated with very unpleasant feelings.

Within twelve hours of placement, remove the whole of the sticker.

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If you remove it deliberately and properly, it does not hurt. Never use the system of "fast pull", as this is not a normal sticking plaster. Start at any corner of the Bye Bra and gently peel it cum să pierzi grăsime cu un metabolism scăzut. When done this way wow body subtire very easy and not associated with discomfort.

So once again; slowly, gently, and carefully.

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No, it can not. It's technically not possible. After one use it will not be sticky. No: the film consist of very soft material that can not been seen through the average clothing.

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Yes, the breasts will return to their original state. Politica de retur - Produsul nu se poate returna.

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